Before & After Care

Before Care


Before coming for your eyelash extensions application please clean your eyes well and be sure to remove all makeup debris as well as any oil. Please use an oil-free makeup remover so as to ensure that no oil of any kind remains on your lashes which will prevent the extensions from adhering correctly to your natural lashes.

Please arrive for your appointment with super clean eyelashes, make-up free, with no mascara or eyeliner on your lashes.


After Care


For a maximum lifespan of your eyelash extensions please clean your eyes daily with an oil-free makeup remover. Cleaning is essential to prevent a build-up of natural skin oils on your eyelashes, as well as to prevent infestation of eyelash mites and excess skin bacteria around the eyes that feed on the waxes and oils of old makeup and old skin. Take care to clean your eyes well daily and your natural eyelashes and your eyelash extensions will be at their best.

Please continue using an oil-free makeup remover for daily cleansing as the oil-based makeup removers will also remove the applied eyelash extensions by breaking down the bonds attaching them to your natural lashes.

Do’s & Don’ts


Do's -

  • Use an oil-free face wash with a gentle face sponge to wash the face and lashes.

  • Use the disposable mascara wand provided to gently comb them, rather than using your fingers to position them. Do this in the morning as part of your makeup routine.


Don'ts -

  • Do not sleep on your face as the eyelash extensions may bend and you won’t be happy with crooked lashes sticking out all over the place.

  • Do not use oily makeup remover, makeup, creams, eye gels on or near the lashes as it seeps onto them – oil breaks down the glue bonds and they will slide off.

  • Do not use wipes, cottonwool pads, towels or anything containing lint on the eyelash extensions as they will hook.

  • Do not pull on them or keep touching them as this will compromise the roots of your natural lashes and cause them to fall out at the roots from the continual physical stress.

Eyelash Extensions Application Procedure

PRO Lash Salon Guarantee:

NO clumping, NO irritation, NO eyelashes glued together in unmanageable bunches, NO allergic reactions or reactions to the products, NO damage to  your own eyelashes, NO damage to the roots (living tissue) of your eyelashes, and NO loss of natural lasting lashes!



Application of lash extensions is completely pain-free and extremely relaxing! Most clients fall asleep! This is a pain-free procedure, weightless on your eyes, and resistant to showering, perspiration, exercise, tears and swimming.


Eyelash Extensions are safe for contact lens wearers, glasses wearers, sports people and those with sensitive/irritable eyes. It is easier on the eye than mascara and is even suitable for hyper-allergic persons. For women with contacts there are no more worries about flaking mascara. The lightweight Mink extensions do not weigh down individual lashes that are attached and thus does no damage to the root of each hair applied.

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