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Optional Results
• Natural-looking soft long lashes OR
• Dramatic-looking thicker longer lashes

Applied lashes may last up to 3 months with good

care and maintenance

Competitive prices match RSA industry standards

What are eyelash extensions?


Eyelash extensions are the nouveau creation in semi-permanent eye-makeup for naturally abundant-looking lashes. Eyelash extensions are a great alternative to daily mascara wear; now you can swim, shower and perspire without worrying about mascara smudges! Maintain that gorgeous look of flawless, freshly applied make-up with eyelash extensions. Goodbye thick and clumpy mascara! Wakeup everyday with perfect, full-looking eyelashes and never look back!

There are different styles of eyelash extensions available in order to create different looks to suit the taste of each individual wearer. The application selected may be to create natural-looking, long, full lashes OR to create a more dramatic look with thicker and longer lashes. For a more natural look, thinner and shorter extensions may be used.

Your eyelashes can now be made thicker and longer through the professional application of individual eyelash extensions, applied one-by-one, where each extension is attached to the natural eyelash using a specially formulated medical bonding agent. These luxurious lashes look identical to natural human eyelashes in both shape and texture.


Eyelash extensions differ from the preceding ‘fake eyelashes’ which were typically plastic lashes fanned on a plastic rim which was then temporarily attached to the skin directly above the eyelashes of the wearer’s top eyelid. The application (of eyelash extensions) involves bonding one eyelash extension at a time to each individual natural eyelash of your existing eyelashes, and not to the eyelid skin above the eyelashes. The addition of these individual lightweight eyelash extensions increases both the length and volume of your natural eyelashes.

The initial application of a full set of eyelash extensions can take up to 2 hours to complete in order to achieve the maximum fullness of extensions (with an extension attached to each and every natural eyelash). Most of the attached lashes can last 6-8 weeks and some will last up to 12 weeks. However since an extension is attached to your own natural eyelash it will fall out naturally with your own eyelashes when they shed and are replaced. Therefore, due to your own natural lash growth-cycle of shedding old lashes and them being replaced by new ones, you may need your lash maintenance fill every 2-3 weeks in order to keep your lashes looking full. Additional extensions must be added to newly grown out natural eyelashes when a maximum of 40% of extensions have been shed and 60% of extensions remain intact.


Mink eyelash extensions are the highest quality lightweight extension product on the market and are the most popular extension product globally. PRO Lash Salon stocks only premium Mink eyelash extensions that are made of non-allergenic, soft and flexible individual fibres that are designed to exactly imitate the shape, weight and texture of natural human eyelashes. Soft-wearing, natural looking extensions that look identical to natural human eyelashes.


PRO Lash Salon’s premium grade Mink eyelash extensions are an animal-friendly product and not made from traditional mink fur from European winter animals such as wolverines and weasels. Instead, PRO Lash eyelash extensions are made from the highest quality synthetic ‘Blink’ Mink fibres that are used on animal-friendly celebrities around world.

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